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Steganalysis using eigenvalues

Wireless Mobile Adhoc Network Security Simulator


Optical-CDMA Network Simulator (OCNS)

Game Theory Network Simulator

Game-Theoretic Network Simulator (GTNS)

Game-Theoretic Network Simulator (GTNS) This is GTNS: game theoretic network simulator help document. In order to download GTNS click it. To download samples click it!

Introduction: GTNS is a discrete-event network simulator targeted primarily for research and educational use. GTNS is written in Visual C++ programming language and supports different network topologies. This simulator was first produced to implement locally multipath adaptive routing (LMAR) protocol, classified as a new reactive distance vector routing protocol for MANETs. LMAR can find an ad-hoc path without selfish nodes and wormholes using an exhaustive search algorithm in polynomial time. Also when the primary path fails, it discovers an alternative safe path if network graph remains connected after eliminating selfish/malicious nodes. The key feature of LMAR to seek safe route free of selfish and malicious nodes in polynomial time is its searching algorithm and flooding stage that its generated traff…