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> I cannot verify the breach as I don't have access to the content.
> But it is OK to empty the blog content and give me the permission.

Upon further review, the offer to empty your sites no longer stands. You've continued to publish spam content across a large number of sites. As such, all of the blogs owned by your account have been suspended and will not be returned.


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Unlimited Yahoo Mail Service is FAKE!

Yahoo Mail service problem! The huge capacity is fake! It's not unlimited! It doesn't show old emails. It just tel you:
There appears to be a problem loading the email "Taxes". Retry
or Sorry, we're still having problems loading this message. This is likely a temporary issue due to a connection problem or an email with large attachments. Check your connection and try again, or try back again shortly.If you're still seeing this error, visit Help for troubleshooting instructions or to contact us. Error code: 44

Private Identification, Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol with Security Mode Setup

Private Identification, Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol with Security Mode Setup, Farshid Farhat, Somayeh Salimi, Ahmad Salahi, IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2011.

Identification, authentication and key agreement protocol of UMTS networks with security mode setup has some weaknesses in the case of mutual freshness of key agreement, DoS-attack resistance, and efficient bandwidth consumption. In this article we consider UMTS AKA and some other proposed schemes. Then we explain the known weaknesses of the previous frameworks suggested for the UMTS AKA protocol. After that we propose a new protocol called private identification, authentication, and key agreement protocol (PIAKAP), for UMTS mobile network. Our suggested protocol combines identification and AKA stages of UMTS AKA protocol while eliminates disadvantages of related works and brings some new features to improve the UMTS AKA mechanism. These features consist of reducing the interactive rounds of the UMTS AK…